Our market-ready software solutions help our customers get to market faster and cheaper. The 3 solutions described below – 1) Citizen Engagement Solution, 2) iBeacon Technology Platform, and 3) Law Enforcement Digital Workflow Solutions – are currently being used by several customers.

Whether you would like to use a solution as-is, or require specific customizations and integrations, we can help.

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A city is only as successful as its ability to give people an opportunity to interact, discover, innovate and create. As Jane Joseph, a visionary in urban planning, said “Design is people”. If a city is to truly add value, the focus has to be on bringing people together.

Whether you are well on your way to becoming a smart city, or are just getting started, our myCity community engagement solution can help:

    • Share important and valuable information on city events and activities, pulled from the city’s existing website/CMS
    • Enable an easy way for citizens to report issues around the city, and provide feedback
    • Help residents and visitors explore city locations using Bluetooth beacon technology
    • Allow residents to access all of this information on their phones, as they move in and around the city
    • Manage reported issues – i.e., view, convert into work orders, assign to service personnel, close – through our web portal or mobile app
    • Automatically feed work orders into existing asset and work order management systems using APIs

See how our solution is helping the City of Ontario, California engage better with its residents, business and visitors here. Or experience our solution through the myOntario app for iOS or Android.

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The next decade will be about connecting the physical world to the online world, using the most versatile, and in many cases the most powerful, computer we use every day – the smartphone.

Our iBeacon technology platform uses Bluetooth beacons, a smartphone app, and cloud software that can be quickly customized to build a specific proximity-based solution for you.


Our iBeacon technology platform consists of 3 main components:

  1. Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) Beacons
    • Tiny, inexpensive, battery-powered or plugged into a power source, and have a transmitting range of up to a few hundred feet
    • Placed at specific locations within an indoor or outdoor venue
    • “Advertise” their unique IDs every few milliseconds
  2. Smartphone App
    • Constantly “listens” for “advertisements” from nearby beacons using its Bluetooth connection
    • If our installed app “hears” one of its unique IDs, it connects to our cloud software, fetches stories (photos, video, audio or text) related to that unique ID, and renders it on the app
  3. Cloud Software
    • Consists of a comprehensive multi-user CMS that supports text, photos, audio, external links, etc.
    • Provides user analytics – number of nearby users, time spent near a beacon, etc.
    • Has social media integration – sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


Our iBeacon technology platform is being used today to build unique proximity-based storytelling solutions for physical venues, using photos (with on-photo info tags), audio and video. Beacons and a mobile app are used to push these stories to users’ phones when they are at those venues. Here are three examples:

  • Automotive: Chariotz website, and iOS and Android apps
    • Beacons are placed in vehicles and exhibitor booths at car shows and other automotive events, to help attendees discover and learn about the vehicles and booths
  • Real Estate: HomeBeam website, and iOS and Android apps
    • Beacons are placed on the outdoor “Home For Sale” sign and in individual rooms/areas of a listed home, to help buyers learn about the home and its various rooms/areas as they tour the house
    • Realtor gets analytics on homes and rooms/areas visited by potential buyers, time spent in each room, and other valuable data
  • Visitor Engagement:
    • Beacons are placed within venues – museums, landmarks, exhibits, show booths, etc. – to help visitors learn about them, and receive push promotions and alerts
    • Venue staff gets analytics on traffic to and within the venue, time spent at various exhibits, and other valuable data

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iBeacon Technology Platform

We have partnered with NEXI Software to provide their law enforcement solutions to U.S. law enforcement agencies. We help these agencies customize, integrate and deploy NEXI’s solutions into their existing systems and workflows.


NEXI Software developed NEXI for DA to help address problems specific to District Attorney offices while receiving information from their law enforcement agencies.

NEXI for DA helps improve the efficiencies, speed and accuracy of the submission of the Filing Worksheet to be filed with the DA’s office.

NEXI for DA is an NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) compliant application that we can integrate with your CMS (Case Management System). NEXI for DA allows law enforcement agencies to submit their Filing Worksheet electronically, eliminating the need to personally visit the District Attorney’s office to submit supporting documentation.

The NEXI for DA solution’s objectives are to:

  • Provide authorized law enforcement personnel with the capability to input the data required on a Filing Worksheet;
  • Provide authorized law enforcement personnel with the capability to attach supporting documentation with the Filing Worksheet submission;
  • Provide authorized law enforcement personnel with the capability to submit additional data or supporting documentation subsequent to the initial submission of a Filing Worksheet;
  • Reduce the labor and time required to prepare a Filing Worksheet and submit supporting documentation;
  • And increase the sharing of information between the District Attorney’s office and local, state, and federal justice agencies.

The solution includes a web service which will be used to input the Filing Worksheet directly, reduce the labor and time required to prepare a Filing Worksheet and submit supporting documents, and increase the sharing of information between the District Attorney’s office and local, state, and federal justice agencies.

The solution uses the NIEM compliant web service that will accept the Filing Worksheet data in required form and store the complete information in the NEXI for DA database. The input for the web service can be form-filled data or an XML file which contains the Filing Worksheet data.


The iConnect solution addresses the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies who adopt NEXI for DA. iConnect reduces the time spent, costs incurred, and the possibilities of errors when complaints must be retyped into NEXI for DA for electronic submission.

iConnect connects to existing systems which already contain much of the information to be submitted, centralizes the data and supporting documents for review, and when the directive is ready, allows for automatic submission to NEXI for DA.

The iConnect solution’s objectives are to:

  • Decrease errors each time information must be retyped into new systems
  • Make efficient use of resources – departments are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs and use personnel efficiently
  • Reduce delays in the process that, without careful management, can create bottlenecks and slow the submission of complaints

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