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4 main software components of a smart home/building solution

In today's smart home or smart building installations, there are usually 4 main software components involved in making the entire solution work: IoT device (sensor or actuator) software Gateway software Smartphone app Cloud software 1. IoT device software Most IoT devices, whether they are sensors, actuators, or both, consist of hardware and software. Examples of sensors [...]

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Using light beams for remote IoT connectivity

Alphabet's X (formerly Google X) is testing high-speed & high-capacity connectivity in rural India using regular light beams. In addition to closing the Digital Divide, this approach could also be a boon for rural or remote IoT installations. When I was at LED/laser startup Soraa, we saw the promise of modulating LEDs & lasers, because of their fast [...]

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Will the Net Neutrality governance reversal affect IoT?

Today, the FCC voted 3-2 to reverse the rules set by the Obama administration. The reversal will allow ISPs to throttle Internet traffic and charge consumers for specific Internet-based services. Read more here. Our view is that this reversal may negatively affect the smart home. Today, a consumer can purchase a plethora of smart home devices like security [...]

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AT&T’s AirGig could accelerate remote IoT deployments

With widely-available 5G infrastructure still a few years away, They may provide the connectivity required to reliably deploy IoT solutions in farms, rural areas, and other locations where wireless access is either unavailable or expensive. The technology can enable speeds of up to 1Gbps. AT&T is running trials in Georgia, and from early indications, the results look promising. More about [...]

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