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How IoT in Automotive Industry in the future?

The future is brighter for Automotive industry after embracing Internet of Things (IoT). Within next 4 to 5 years, the impact of IoT in Automobile industry will be spent above 250 billion dollars that have been predicted by Business Insider. IoT in Automotive industry, adds an advanced layer to the traditional car concept that creating [...]

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How building management sector become smart with IoT?

Even buildings become smart with the implementation of internet of things. Smart buildings reduce energy consumption and enforce security in its structure. Various IoT systems also ensure proper maintenance of its assets and support the overall health of its surroundings. Below three IoT systems are transforming BMS, 1.IoT based Energy monitoring systems IoT energy monitoring [...]

5 Main Living Areas Transforming By Smart City Application

Smart City Solutions include the use of smart metropolitan infrastructures that facilitate the lifestyle of citizens. Below are the five main living infrastructures and areas that are significantly prevalent in smart cities. 1.Smart Streets Smart streets include the use of sensors and IoT technology that makes driving easier and safer. These streets provide drivers with [...]

A Complete Solution to Engage Citizens & Community Members

Civita App is a crowdsourcing application that is a perfect solution for engaging citizens in the city development. It is a unique branded app, accessible as a Mobile or Web App to citizens and the public. Citizens report issues using automatic geolocation or by pinpointing the location for better precision. Why Civita App is a unique Citizen Engagement Application? [...]

IoT in Energy Distribution: 4 ways IoT helps Energy Industry!

  The arrival of Internet of Things (IoT) on modern generation never underestimated. By adopting this technology, cities are now becoming “smart” instead of just being titled as improved. Smart city solutions of IoT are focused to improve cities of future that promote economic development, improve environment, and digitally handle public asset. Cities are now embracing [...]

Simple Guide to Build a Smart City Mobile Application

A smart city application is one of the best solutions available to keep residents engaged with their local community. Providing up-to-date information about local events, services, and news, a smart city app for community engagement allows cities to conveniently reach users from an intuitive smartphone app. Before building a mobile engagement app for smart city [...]

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How To Pick The Best IoT Application Development Team?

The fast pace of innovative technologies in this digital era, software & mobile app development has upgraded up to the Internet of Things (IoT) application development process. However, without the knowledge of IoT and experience with this field, how can you choose the perfect IoT application development firm to work with? You’ll need an IoT [...]

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How the IoT is Transforming the Food Service Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already established itself in many areas - manufacturing, logistics, smart buildings, and smart homes. Big players and large budgets helped make IoT a force in those areas. Now, it is starting to penetrate industries that have traditionally been slower to adopt new technologies. The food service industry is one [...]

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How A Citizen Relationship Management Solution Can Transform Your City

Technology has always pushed our world forward. Today, we live in a realm of connectivity, social media, on-demand inquires, and quick responses. And while most people use these new technologies for entertainment and leisure, businesses and governments apply them to extend their hand to their customers, partners, and citizens. This post deals with a technology [...]

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4 main software components of a smart home/building solution

In today's smart home or smart building installations, there are usually 4 main software components involved in making the entire solution work: IoT device (sensor or actuator) software Gateway software Smartphone app Cloud software 1. IoT device software Most IoT devices, whether they are sensors, actuators, or both, consist of hardware and software. Examples of sensors [...]

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Using light beams for remote IoT connectivity

Alphabet's X (formerly Google X) is testing high-speed & high-capacity connectivity in rural India using regular light beams. In addition to closing the Digital Divide, this approach could also be a boon for rural or remote IoT installations. When I was at LED/laser startup Soraa, we saw the promise of modulating LEDs & lasers, because of their fast [...]

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