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Importance of IoT in the Logistics Industry

IoT is a game-changer for the logistics industry. In logistics and transportation, the Internet of Things can create a machine-to-machine connections that enable vehicles, packages, containers, loading equipment, and other devices and assets to communicate with one another throughout the supply chain. Human beings don’t have to manually log information when smart devices can trap [...]

Trending Technologies That Can Reshape The healthcare Industry in 2021

In the future of the digital world, IoT & Cloud technologies are being the torchbearer of healthcare & other industries. The need to collect patient’s data, store them, and analyze all the information has driven the healthcare industry to embrace Cloud software & IoT technologies. In below, we will discuss more on the digital transformation & the trending [...]

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How To Pick The Best IoT Application Development Team?

The fast pace of innovative technologies in this digital era, software & mobile app development has upgraded up to the Internet of Things (IoT) application development process. However, without the knowledge of IoT and experience with this field, how can you choose the perfect IoT application development firm to work with? You’ll need an IoT [...]

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How the IoT is Transforming the Food Service Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already established itself in many areas - manufacturing, logistics, smart buildings, and smart homes. Big players and large budgets helped make IoT a force in those areas. Now, it is starting to penetrate industries that have traditionally been slower to adopt new technologies. The food service industry is one [...]

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How A Citizen Relationship Management Solution Can Transform Your City

Technology has always pushed our world forward. Today, we live in a realm of connectivity, social media, on-demand inquires, and quick responses. And while most people use these new technologies for entertainment and leisure, businesses and governments apply them to extend their hand to their customers, partners, and citizens. This post deals with a technology [...]

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4 main software components of a smart home/building solution

In today's smart home or smart building installations, there are usually 4 main software components involved in making the entire solution work: IoT device (sensor or actuator) software Gateway software Smartphone app Cloud software 1. IoT device software Most IoT devices, whether they are sensors, actuators, or both, consist of hardware and software. Examples of sensors [...]

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