A few years ago, almost all software for your products would have to be done in-house. This was mainly out of necessity than by choice, because most software was monolithic and needed a single team to design, develop, and test it. Today’s modular approach to software allows it to be broken up into manageable parts that can be executed by separate teams, both internal and external.

However, if you want to avoid any major disruptions to your business, you need to carefully assess all the software you need to develop, to deliver a successful product to market, and then decide what to keep in-house and what to outsource.

Understanding Core and Context Software

Determining whether you should outsource certain software development comes down to one question: Is it core or context software? Core software for your business is software that gives you a competitive advantage AND is mission critical. Context software can be defined as everything else.

Core vs Context Software

Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing is a word that is sometimes viewed negatively by internal teams. The reason for this is that it can be difficult to be assured of results when working with an outside team. Even in the era of modern communication, controlling outsourced teams is difficult. However, your team will learn to love outsourcing if it allows them to free up time to do a better job of the core software development.

Outsourcing software development is great for cutting costs but is also great to create new opportunities for growth. It allows your internal development teams to concentrate on projects that help your company enter new areas of business, or win new customers for your existing products, by freeing them up from non-core work.

The result is that your internal team will be able to deliver above your expectations. Besides that, they will also have more time to work on making improvements to your core software. They will be working on the parts of their jobs that they love, which can be great for your company.

Finding the Right Outsourcing Company

If you are thinking of outsourcing your context software, you will want to reach out to a company that specializes in the type of software you want developed. The good thing about hiring such a company is that they will already have a full team of in-house experts with experience building similar software for other companies.

Hiring an outsourcing company is your best option. However, you can also shop around and find a few freelancers who can do the work for you. The main problem with that approach is that freelancers may have a hard time with certain parts of the software that they are not familiar with, because they do not have a pool of resources that they can tap for those specific parts.

If you decide to use an outsourcing company, look for one that has several signs of success. For instance, choose a company that has a responsive and navigable website. It is the easiest way to assess whether you can expect to get great software development services from them. You should also check to see if the company you choose will show you samples of their past projects. If they can provide proof of successfully-executed projects and references to back their work, then they will be a good choice.

Why You Should Outsource

The benefits of outsourcing your development of context software are far-reaching. Since you do not need to hire an in-house team, your commitment is limited to the length of the outsourcing company’s engagement with you. You will get professional services at a price point that will usually be much lower than hiring a full in-house team. Here are the other two main reasons why outsourcing can be good for your company:

1. You Will Launch Products Much Faster

If your work is in the world of consumer technology, then you understand the significance of timing and speed. For instance, most consumers shop for new technology products around the holidays, so if you miss this season, it could significantly hurt your sales. In such a competitive world, you also need to launch your products faster than your competitors do.

However, you cannot just launch products; you need to launch products that work. The process of getting the software to work seamlessly with the hardware is a lengthy one. It requires a lot of painstaking effort to comb over minute details to ensure everything works great. As a result, it can lead to major delays in getting a product to the market.

Having a few extra pair sof hands to work on non-core aspects of your product during crunch time can be quite beneficial. There are numerous outsourcing companies out there that are capable of jumping in on your project at any stage of development, and helping with the completion of your product software in time.

2. You Will Bring in New Knowledge

If your company is planning to expand operations into new markets or technology areas, you may not have the right expertise and knowledge to do so, and may be forced to spend a lot of money and time on research and training.

This is where outsourcing can prove to be invaluable. You hire a company that has the necessary expertise, and works with your in-house team to develop the required software. During that time, your team members will also gain on-the-job training. They will be able to grasp the new technologies and new market without your company having to spend money on extensive training. And most importantly, it will help to ensure your business delivers quality software for these new opportunities in a timely manner.

Are you overwhelmed with all the context software required to deliver your product to market? Contact us today to see how we can help.